Chad Mullinax

Passionate Product ProfessionalAgile PractitionerData Junkie

What’s my product mindset?

My product development methodology is simple really:

Solve for the problem, not for the solution!

Every good product comes from someone who saw a problem that was bigger than them and decided to act. This philosophy is found in all that I do, from strategic direction to tactical execution.

I’ve spent the last 8+ years refining my product developing thinking from being output based to focusing on delivering valuable outcomes.

Who are my heroes?

  • Marty Cagan (Product Solving)
  • David Hussman (Product Agility)
  • Doc Notron (Product Development)
  • Bob Galen (Product Ownership/Agile Leadership)
  • Christina Wodkte (OKR’s)
  • Ben Lamorte (OKR’s)
  • Jeff Patton (Outcomes over Output)
  • Kim Scott (Radical Candor)

What am I reading now?

  • The Oz Principle – Conners, Smith, Hickman (Amazon)
  • Radical Focus – Wodtke (Amazon)
  • Scrum Product Ownership – Galen (Amazon)
  • Radical Candor – Scott (Amazon)